DIY Network

Love the network and “joined” so that I could save my favorite projects from the show. So I go to log in today and I can’t remember my login and passwork.

Why do I need a secret password? I’m not using my SSN or bank information. I clicked on ‘forgot password’ but I haven’t gotten anything in my email. Don’t they know I NEED to put the project I saw today into my projects folder? :tap:

Oh, and they moved Knitty Gritty to 330 CST.

On a sad note, my DVR quit recording. :frowning:

This is a crisis!! You need to get someone on the phone NOW! No DVR? I can’t watch live tv anymore. EVERYTHING is recorded in this house that we want to watch. I haven’t watched a commercial in ages thanks to my DVR. This is horrible!! Are you renting your DVR through your cable company? If so they should exchange it no questions asked. Also, have you checked to see if your hard drive is full? That happened to us once right after my son figured out how to operate the DVR and recorded every episode of Man vs. Wild and Mythbusters and the entire line up of Animal Planet! I :heart: my DVR.

Hope you get it all worked out soon. BTW, I have a single user name and password that I use on all my “nominal accounts” (those being things that don’t include my personal information) Sometimes the username might be taken, but the password is always the same and I never use it for important websites (like paypal, ebay, etc.) where my personal information is housed. That way I never have to think of it. Maybe once you figure it out you can change it to something more familiar.

You can try this instead. I’ve used it a few times with the firefox extension. :wink:

Yeah, I noticed that Knitty Gritty didn’t come on at 2:30 anymore. What’s up with the repeat episodes too? Poor kid-no DVR!