DIY Cup Cozy - Knit Mug Cozy Tutorial - Setting for Four

hi! im trying to make this and im at the end, but the buttonhole row has me stumped no matter how i try attempting it. any chance someone could help explain how it works to me?

This video helps to explain some of the directions on your pattern. It’s a little tricky but a very nice looking buttonhole which you can easily adjust to whatever size button you are using.
A simpler way is, on the RS row, to work up to where you want to place your button then for a small button you k2 tog, yo and continue on - all done but for a larger button on the RS row you work upto where you want to place the hole then cast off 2 (or more) sts,continue working to the end of the row then on the WS work back to the gap from the last row then cast on 2 sts ( or more ) and continue on.
Hope this helps you :grinning:
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:heart:thank you! still a tricky step but the video helped a bunch!

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