Dividing yarn

[FONT=“Trebuchet MS”][SIZE=“2”]I bought a hank of some beautiful yarn this weekend to make a pair of socks. The only thing is … I need to divide it. I’ve never divided yarn before so I am rather nervous. What’s the best way to do it? Thanks for the help! [/SIZE][/FONT]

I would start by weighing the yarn then start winding and when you get to 1/2 the wht on your ball, you’ll be there. Or you could start winding from one end and when you get about 1/2 way done set that ball aside and find the other end and start there with another ball. Hope this helps lol Ellie

I have tried the second suggestion - as I don’t have a scale - and every time the yarn has ended up in a total tangled mess.


Any other suggestions out there?

Leave the yarn in two joined balls, knit both socks at once.

or make a center pull ball and work from both ends.

Does your post office have a scale for people to use, maybe in the lobby? If so, wind your ball into two balls which look the same. Take it to the P.O. and weigh each ball, adjusting until they are as close as you can get them.

Or if they are not busy, one of the clerks might be willing to help you with their scales.

Unless your directions say different, it’s not usually necessary that you divide your yarn exactly in half. It’s just that dividing a single ball into 2 separate balls makes it easier to work 2 pieces at the same time, like 2 socks or 2 sleeves. Close enough should be good enough.

However, if you’re really set on getting as close as possible, why don’t you just pin a ziplock bag to each end of a clothes hanger and use it? Wind some of the yarn from the original ball to a new ball and when you get part way done, put one ball into each bag and hold the hanger up by the hook. Whichever side is lower still has more yarn!

Just an idea!

I used a kitchen scale to divide my yarn. I weighed the original skein, then started winding a center pull ball and when it was half the weight I cut the yarn. Voila!

I make a double stranded CPB
I take one thread from the inside, and one from the outside, and make a center pull ball so that both threads are balled up, and thus feed out at the same rate.

then as you knit each side, you use the same amount of yarn, so you can use up the ball at the same rate

I also like the much simpler idea of just working from the inside and outside of the CPB at the same time
I can deal with the ball getting twisted around itself when I wind it, but not when I M knitting

I guess I M just spoiled


I’ve done that, too, and it does work. However, the two strands of yarn always seemed to get twisted and tangled. I’d end up spending as much time straightening out the yarn as I would actually knitting! :neutral:

Palmettogirl - I frist posted this on the Any Sock KAL 2 I hope it helps here:

Steve go to Bass Pro Shops


and buy a fishing line counter. This is the expensive model $12.99. There is a cheaper version, $10.99, the cheaper model is electric and the expensive is mechanical. I have the expensive model, the batteries aren’t dead when you need it.

I would, haven’t done two at once yet, wind from the skein through the line counter to a yarn winder. This gives the total yardage. Take the new ball and repeat the process for half the yarn. I find the top to a 50 CD spindle to be nice to hold balls of yarn when I rewind from them especially if winding from the outside.

At about $15 US for the line counter and shipping I think it was a good investment.

Happy knitting.

cheaper model

But hide it from your husband!

Hey, hey be nice there cheap buy him one also.

I think I’d wind two strands off at once, center and outside into one ball…when done, you’d have a 50-50 split…then I’d rewind the double strands into single center pull skeins…or, I’d buy a third skein of yarn; LOL!!

The yarn skein label will tell you the quantity needed for a pair of anything. So, I’d trust it. As I said before, I’d buy a second or third skein of yarn; LOL!!

I’d add to use two sets of needles if you want to work two at a time…versus two items on one set of needles…then be very careful yet… to work the same instructions twice before moving on…either paper notes or two different colors of markers…even then, it’s possible to get it wrong…duplicating one row…or not working a row…

So, I’d suggest working one at a time. If you’re going for two at a time with two different needle sets, make a second copy of the pattern and place the appropriate one and notes with the correct work.

Who says you have to divide it? The pattern should tell you the yardage. The label should tell you the info, too.