Dividing sweater for sleeves help

I am knitting a sweater from Coastal Knits, Tiny Rocky Coast pattern.

It is a cardigan, knitted from top down. I am to the point where sleeves stitches are to be put on a holder. I am having trouble understanding the directions. I think I need to cast on stitches after I put Stitches for each sleeve on a holder. The way it is written is confusing to me:
It says: work in cable stitch pattern to m, place sleeve stitches on a holder, removing markers, cast on 10 sets twice, work in cable stitch pattern to end. I should The have 188 stitches.
(I assume it means to cast on the stitches each time I place sleeve stitches on a holder)

Those are confusing directions but your idea is correct. Place the first sleeve sts on a holder, switch the needles in your hands and cable or knit cast on 10sts, then switch the needles again and continue across the back to the second sleeve. Repeat the process of placing the sts on a holder and casting on another 10sts, then work to the end of row.
The stitch count should add up, subtracting 2 sleeves worth of sts and adding 20sts total to the number before the row began.
It’s a very nice looking pattern.

Thank you!