Dividing front and back of sweater


I am making a baby sweater from “One Skein Wonders” and the directions read…“knit 19 and place on holder, knit 34, knit 19 and place on holder. Working 34 back stitches only, knit in stockinette stitch until piece measures 11” from begininng."

Can someone please explain how this works? If I knit the final 19 won’t my working yarn be at the very end then how do I continue to knit the 34 center stitches? I am definitely confused and any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks very much!

You would join a new yarn end, either for the last 19 or for the 34 sts.

Or… you can not knit the final 19 and just put them on a holder to knit the 34 sts.