Divide for Pocket question.. pls help!

Hello again… okay so ive got a bit stuck on my pattern again. I am making a pocket and ive just slipped 18 sts onto a stitch holder, and ive casted on 18 stitches… my question is the next line in the pattern which reads “knit across rem 18 sts” now does this mean I carry on kitting with my casted on stiches in effect leaving a hole where the holder and 18 stiches are in place? … this is what ive done but im not sure its right!

One more question, when it later asks me to “rejoin yarn to the 18 stiches on holder” how do you rejoin the yarn?

Thanks for your help so far.


You’re doing it right. You continue working with the yarn that you cast on those 18 with and finish the front.

When it comes time to do the top edge of the pocket, you just start knitting with a new strand for those stitches and weave in the end later.