Divide for Back and Front - please explain pattern

I am working on the Patons book 1318 “Cardigan with eyelet pattern”.

According the the pattern, I have to knit 3 separate pieces: 1 piece bodice and 2 sleeves.

I casted on 211 sts. I am done from the waist band up to the armhole. Now I need to divide the piece to shape armhole and neckline. Here is what the pattern says:

[B]Divide for Back and Front:[/B]

Note: Care must be taken when shaping in this lacy patt. Do not work a K2tog or sl1,K1,psso, unless the corresponding yfwd can be worked and vice versa.

Next row: Patt8, sl1,K1, psso (Right Front edge dec), patt 37, castt of next 12 sts, patt 93 incl st rem on right-hand needle after casting off, cast off next 12 sts, patt the last 10 sts, K2tog(Left Front edge dec), patt to end.
Cont on last 46 sts for Left Front.

Keeping the pattern correct, dec one sts at the armhole edge in every foll alt row 6 time, AT THE SAME TIME dec one st (inside 8 sts as before) at front edge in every foll 4th row 11 times, then in every foll 6th row until 26 sts rem.
Work 5 rows.

What confused me the most is:

every foll 4th/6th row: start counting from where?
dec 6 times, 11 times, but only work 5 rows?

Please explain in detail. Many many many thanks to you.

Start counting from the armhole bind off row. So if you call that row, row 1, then dec at the armhole edge on rows 3,5,7,9, etc. At the front edges dec on rows 5,9,13,17 etc. until you’ve decreased 11times and then change to every 6 th row until 26sts remain. Once you get to 26sts, work a further 5rows

Very pretty sweater. Thanks for the photos.

You replied just when I am about to knit. Great timing.

It says “dec one sts at the armhole edge in every foll alt row 6 times”.

Does this mean the following:
Bind off the armhole edge on row 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 (according to your counting), then stop decreasing as it says dec 6 times only.

I am done the first row of dividing, and knit the 2nd row on the wrong side.
What do I do at the 12 cast off sts gap I made?
(It seems like I am not supposed to knit across from the front side to the back side.)

:slight_smile: Thank you.

OK, yes, you’ve bound off and worked the left front WS row. Now do the bind offs at the armhole on the six rows that you listed. The decreases at the front towards the edge are going on at the same time so keep track of them too. I make a list of both sets of decreases and check each one off as i go.
You’ll only be working the left front for now and later you’ll re-attach the yarn to work the right front or the back.
Glad that the timing worked!

I am now shaping the shoulder of BACK side. It says:

Cast off 9 sts at beg of next 4 rows, then 8 sts at beg of foll 2 rows.
Cast off rem 29 sts.

In my understanding, the shape of the back shoulder should look like a isosceles trapezoid. If I cast off 9 sts at beg, knit until the end, purl back, cast off 9 sts again, then it will look uneven, like a right trapezoid. You see what I mean? Please clarify. Thank you sooooooo much.