"Divide for armholes"

There is a pattern for a jacket that I have been working on. I have been able to understand it all except the part where I have to divide for the armholes. I haven’t made a garment before but I would really like to make this for a family member. If someone could explain the instructions to me I would really, really appreciate it. It’s written like this:

Mark center Back rib with a knitting marker. Continuing in rib pattern, work 17 (18, 19) Left Front sts, work next 23 (25, 27) Sleeve sts and place on holder, dec 1, pattern to center rib (yo, k1, yo), into next st (k1, yo, k1), into next st (4 st increased) pattern until 42 (45, 48) st remain, dec 1 place next 23 (25, 27) Sleeve sts on another holder, pattern across remaining 17 (18, 19) Right Front sts — 56 (60, 64) sts.

Continue in establishd k2, p2 rib, incorporating the new stitches into the rib pattern and increasing 4 st at center Back every 10 rows 3 more times — 68 (72, 76) sts. Work even until 60 rows are complete. Sweater measures approximately 27 inches. Bind off.

What part don’t you understand? It seems pretty clear to me - keeping in the rib pattern work the L front sts, then the next sts for the sleeves and place them on a holder. Dec 1 st and work in pattern to the center back, do an increase of yo k yo in each of the next 2 stitches, then work until X number of sts are left, dec 1 st, work the other sleeve sts and put them on a holder and work across the other front stitches. Then keep on with the rib pattern, keeping the new sts in the rib and inc the same way (yo, k yo in the 2 center back sts) every 10 rows 3 more times.

Haha I’m not sure, it just sounded confusing. Although you made it seem less complicated. I think I understand now, thank you. :slight_smile:

I’m glad you understood what I wrote considering the number of typos in it!

When you see a batch of complicated-sounding directions, just take them one step at a time, preferably with your knitting in hand that’s done up to that point. I just do what I’m told without wondering why, and usually it makes sense when I’m done.