Disturbing--glowing yarn

I love eye lash yarn and have used tons this year…Lion Brand is my favorite because the lashes seem to be straighter and give a nicer nap when knitted. However, I have an interesting situation …I knitted with white fun fur and when the pocket book is taken into natural light the yarn takes on a blue “glow”…it is almost as if the yarn were florescent—as I turn pocket book in the light different threads “shine” as blue. It is most interesting to hold the purse in my hand, walk outside the door and then back into the house and away from natural light. …unfortunately I had knitted the purse in black and white with black and white “fun fir” trim and I don’t like the effect of the glowing blue.

I was wondering if anyone else had ever noticed anything similar

I’ve never worked with it. But perhaps someone else has … soooo…

BUMP! :wink:

Nope, I’ve never worked with that yarn but I can think of some fun things to be done with it!

I’ve worked with Lion Brand Fun Fur, but never white. Ive never had problems with the other colors at all…

I just finished a project with periwinkle yarn and white fun fur. I noticed that the periwinkle made the fun fur look a bit silvery. I actually like it. Remember to take into account that the shades in the black will make the white look a little different as well.

Many times when the yarns are bleached then dyed, they tend to take on a slightly different shade when they are knitted.

Maybe trying another color next time will help.

Good luck!!

My guess is that when you are in natural light, the fibers are reflecting UV light. Ever been to a “moonlight bowling” game where they turn out the lights and turn on the fog machine and disco lights and you bowl to funky music…? Ok, so we get bored here in ND in the winter! Anyhow, whenever I wear a white shirt or something that has the right fiber in it, the blacklights they use make it glow a freeky blue. In fact, my nail tips (I have acrylics) will look a funny hue when out in the bright sunshine… I have the french manicure…
Perhaps that helps the mystery?
Jodie :thinking: