Dissertation Outline Approved

I have submitted the topic and outline for my doctoral dissertation and it has been approved! PRAY for me as I write it!


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Congratulations. You have satisfied your ethics committee I will assume and that is always a relief! Yayyyyy. I examine theses and one of the most common errors I encounter is unnecessary repetition so keep that in mind :slight_smile:

May I ask about the topic (don’t feel the need to respond to this however). You guys have a different process there in a way as we submit the proposal before conducting the research - but of course that depends on field and if you’re say doing a fictional narrative, or series of field narratives or similar you can jump in and write straight away!! (17 drafts later… LOL)

This achievement is marvelous and completing a thesis is a significant life moment. I think the process often more valuable than the completed work (from a personal learning curve perspective).

Thank you, and yes, we submit the topic and outline before beginning the research. I am studying to become a naturopathic physician, and the topic is of that nature. I hessitate to be more specific. Hard-learned experience tells me that the members of this particular board can be VERY negative toward alternative health care professionals. So, I tend to keep things more to myself these days. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t need all the prayers I can get. (And, I would be happy to share the completed work with anyone who may be interested, once it is done.) I’ll keep ya’ posted.

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Congratulations and good luck with your dissertation. I’d like to know what it’s all about once it is complete :slight_smile:

Southern Cross University in Australia www.scu.edu.au have a similar course to yours in naturopathy (has quite a profile) and I’d take a look and see if you can locate the diss’ being done there and perhaps make a few connections. Could be helpful also with posing an external examiner.

I would keep the specifics to yourself. I certainly did until my work was recognised as my own.

I’ve been wondering where you’ve disappeared! Good luck with the dissertation and when it’s finished, let us know! Big :hug:!

Sending loads of positive dissertation energy your way! Some of my best friends are naturopaths or involved in alternative healing in some way, shape or form.

Ironic that my dh does so much work with big pharma companies when we are mostly an alternative lifestyle kinda family :shrug:

I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering where you were.

Hope all goes well!


Sending prayers your way! I think it’s a fascinating topic.


Congrats! I am very interested in what your topic might be. You are such a wonderful wealth of information!!!

Good luck! The road to that Ph.D. is a long, difficult one, but I know it will be worth it in the end.

WOW~ Thank you all for your kind, loving, SUPPORTIVE words! Makes me ashamed of my previous comment!


Please keep all the prayers coming. I have about 1 year, I figure, (if I push non-stop until it’s done.)

Thanks, again.


Please keep us posted on how things are going! :hug:

Monidew, that’s so exciting, and I wish you all the best on your dissertation!:hug:

Congratulations, MoniDew! I think it’s wonderful. Pharmaceuticals have a place, but the industry is far too powerful. I’m drawn to more healthful alternatives, which I’m currently using for perimenopause symptoms.

Do keep us posted.

I’d love to know more details about your research someday.