Dishtowel Sweater

Comes with its own warning label:

WARNING: Do not become bored when all you have in the house is a cone of dirt cheap cotton. :woohoo:


That’s the spirit! Use what you have and make something nice! Cute sweater, and you can be sure no one else in the world has one just like it! I think variegated yarn is fun!


Nice work! I love the unique color choice! :cheering:

That is way cool! You will be envied by all who see you in your new sweater!

LOL, I was wondering what you meant by the title of your post!! It came out really cute :thumbsup:


Got the buttons sewn on, now I can wear it! This is me, stylin’ my new sweater!

You should get bored more often. That’s REALLY pretty!

Turned out beautiful. The sweater looks gorgeous on you!

You have a one-of-a-kind MoniDew original, and it’s really pretty!

Great job! It turned out wonderful!

Is there by chance a pattern link for this? Cute on you:happydance:

I have the disconcerting tendency to design on the needles. no pattern - so sorry! :oo: