i got to nearly the end of a sleevless jumper for my son to find out the pattern didn’t work. that was bad enough.

i decided i would have ago at making a pattern up as i go along. so far its working, but its taking so flipping long for some reason.

i decided to do it in the round. so wish i hadn’t as i seem to have been knitting forever and have only done about 6 inches. as i need to do at least 15 inches before i can think about shaping the neck. just need a good slap and to get on with it i think lol.

does anyone else find taht knitting in the round takes sooooo much longer? i have taken into count the fact there are twice the alount of stitches nearly.

i have been knitting it for 3 weeks non stop just about. i think i may just need a break from it. do somehting else and gop back to it.

sorry, will shut up now



I know, it seems like you’ll be knitting this thing forever! I am a SLOW knitter and I often feel that way! LOL-but just think, when you’re done with this part, you won’t have to then go and cast on for the BACK (or front) and you won’t have to seam up those pesky sides!

I like to change patterns a lot, usually, too and knit in the round instead of in pieces, and just the fact that I am winging it makes me nervous, and contributes greatly to my feeling of 'this is never gonna end!"

When I feel this way I usually start a new, and SIMPLE, project that I know I can finish quickly and get some relief from the project that goes on and on. I usually feel much better after that and can work on the pain in the neck item happily for awhile :teehee:

Hope that helps!

BTW, I just recently finished a couple of projects that took me over a year to complete-so you’re pretty darn fast, actually! LOL

:teehee: SLAP! Hope you get a little break and come back refreshed. Good luck!

I started making sweaters in pieces and sometimes took a couple of years to get done, especially when it came to sewing the pieces together. Now that I mainly knit in the round even though it seems to take forever, when you bind off you are almost finished. It seems so much faster to me and I don’t want to go back to piece work. Hang in there when you finish just remember all the fiddly finish work you don’t have to do.

you are all right i know. i just got so annoyed with it that i am fed up of the darned jumper lol. troble is i have to get it finished i can’t start anything new. i need the jumper for my son. its cheaper here to knit that to buy jumpers etc. so i either finish it or i’ll have to buy another jumper; and to me that seems wicked to buy something when i can just stop being an idiot and get on with it lol.

so slap has worked and but back in gear lol

thank you


Sometimes you just need a good slap… :slight_smile:

lol, yes and it worked. the jumper has suddenly grown today (for some bizar reason). i’m now half way before shaping yey. so plodding on with it. every spare second i get i have it out. i’m driving my family nuts hehe


Keep going!! Whenever I have a long project I do a little bit every time I have a spare bit of time and you’d be amazed at how fast it goesl. I have an awful LOT of spare time.

Good for you Susi. I got bored with a sock I was working on. I got the 1st one done and about 3" on the second and had to start a new sock with some yarn I just got from KP. I am now shaping the toe on that one. I am now the proud owner of 2 socks that are not even close to being a pair and I now have to knit 2 more. Oh well I have 6 weeks before spring to get them done.

Remind yourself that you are knitting both the front and the back at the same time! So it should take you twice as long. :slight_smile: I know the feeling though. I’m knitting Laughing Carrots for my son and while it is a cardigan, it is still knit in one piece. I’m lost in the endless rows of st st and am about to go crazy doing nothing but row after row of knit purl knit purl knit purl knit purl knit purl. Ugh! Hang in there. We’ll be done soon enough. Meanwhile find a more thrilling project to work on when you just can’t take one more round on the sweater!