I got these two done and might give them away… might keep them… who knows? :eyebrow: I’m still going to do that one that looks like dragon scales!! Again… RAWR! Forgive how they look… I didn’t scan them well… stretched one side, etc. lol…

They’re both wonderful!!! I love my knit dishcloths!

I love them because you can totally try out new stuff… Especially if you wanted to try out a layout of designs for a sweater or something… Also, they knit up so quick! I sooooo want to make these two…

Oooooooooh!!! Those are so pretty!!! :inlove: I’m actually probably going to start a dishcloth today for my girlfriend’s Mom, for letting us stay with her for a week. I’m gonna do that and make her some banana break. :mrgreen:

Those are beautiful, Moku!

Lol, ty, I’ll be over for the banana bread :stuck_out_tongue:

They both look great! :yay:

lol Sounds good! I’m making two loaves. We could eat banana bread and having a dishcloth knitting marathon! :mrgreen:

I really love that Lacy Dragon pattern! Wouldn’t it be gorgeous knit into a scarf?! Of course I’d most likely be making some cloths too. Thanks for the link. I’ve tucked it away for yet another future project. Your other cloths are lovely too! Do you have a link to those patterns? Jeanie

I can see the lacy dragon pattern in anything looking lovely! Depending on what you use it for, you either do the larger one or smaller one and yes, scarves would definitely be a good use for it!

As for the banana bread, lol, I’ve started making some dinner roll dough. Going to do dinner rolls and pigs in a blanket (possibly hot dogs, wrapped in bacon, wrapped in the dough, with cheese and baked). We have eight bun-less hot dogs just waiting to be eaten…

Ooooooooh, that’s sounds good!! I’ll be over for dinner soon lol.

Oh how did I miss these!? Very nice work, and so colorful!

I’m working on dishcloths of all of the US states from
So far I have done Texas and Florida :smiley:

Both look great. Very nicely done.