Hello all,

I noticed some previous posts about dishcloths! I am excited to try the garterlac dishcloth that I think was posted just a day or two ago. And to make matters better, yesterday I was at Joann’s and found the Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn on sale for $1.50 each (4 oz. solid color and 3 oz. multicolor). And the colors were wonderful. I picked up some multicolors and also beautiful solid shades. I have not used this brand of cotton --(usually I have made items with Lion Cotton which is very nice too). But the colors I could not resist.


Do you have a Hobby Lobby near where you live? They have S&C on sale for 99 cents this week and normally, where I live, it is $1.27.

I have to stay away from there this week because I can’t resist buying the S&C but I never use it! :wall:

:cheering: :cheering:

Here’s some links to get you started!

am I the only one who finds that every time they go to make one of those patterns on the JimSylDesigns site the cast on is incorrect or something is wonky in the pattern? I was trying to use it for afghan blocks once and I was near to throwing my yarn AND my computer across the room with the frustration. :wall:

Thank you for the information about Hobby Lobby, Brendajos. I do not have one of those stores in my vicinity. Actually I had never heard of it until I found this Knittinghelp site a few months ago. But that price beats any that I found nearby. Also, Jan, thank you for the great websites for the dishcloth patterns! What an abundance of wonderful information right here before my eyes! Thank you!


actually, the price isn’t better by much at all. the balls that hobby lobby sells for $.99 are the 2 oz & 2.5 oz balls. and you got the bigger sized balls (3 oz and 4 oz) for $1.50.