So I’ve been knitting since December-ish and I’ve never made dishcloths before! Can you believe it?? I decided I had to join the party and finally knit some.

So I picked these two, the yellow flower one is from Dishcloth Boutique and the swan is from Melissa’s Dishcloth site

I’m pretty disappointed in them, the swan especially. I dunno what’s what but my stitching was just all off…My purls are all crazy loose for some reason and the patterns don’t show. I think it’s cuz I’ve taken to doing that Norwegian method. I love it, but it definately makes my stitches looser than normal. Also, this is the first time I’ve ever knit with cotton…I used Sugar 'n Cream and I guess I’m just not used to the fiber. My stitches are usually much more uniform.

They’re “meh” overall…in person the tulip shows up pretty well, and the swan you can see from a distance if you hold it up. (You can barely see it at all in the pic) But it was fun to start and finish something in less than 2 hours! I think I’ll make more and try to even out my “Norwegian” stitches.

Anywho…I gave both of these to my girlfriend who just got married (ack! I have married friends now!!) as part of her shower gift. I’ve had a policy since I started knitting to include some kind of awful and tacky handknit item in every gift I give


They sure are pretty colors! A lot of tension problems clear up as you practice. If you are knitting very loose you could try going down a needle size. Keep practicing! :wink:

Yeah, my tension is usually pretty uniform and nicer looking. I think knitting with the cotton just threw me off. It felt so strange in my hands…

I do like the colors though! heh

Yeah, cotton is COMPLETELY different in your hands. I do love the way it feels, but it is more difficult to work with - that’s for sure.

I think Jan is right. You’d probably be happier if you tried a smaller needle.

Experience is definitely the best teacher, especially with crafts like knitting.

I think you did fine…tension problems do get better. I think it’s a nice idea that you give a hand knit gift to each of your friends…:slight_smile:

I like those patterns. I can see the swan! Pretty colors!

Yeah - I agree with Carolina. Cotton is pretty different to work with. But one st at a time and it will soon make no difference. :wink:

Great job! :thumbsup: