Dishcloths to blankets

I recently bought a knitted dish cloth book hoping that I could adapt the patterns to make baby blankets. Sounds easy enough- NOT!
Each patern is 35 st and I 'd like to make them 95-105 . But even though they are nothing fancy (just k and p) I cant figure out how to do it properly so it looks like a blanket not a dishcloth!

can you describe the dish cloth pattern a little more? There are endless ways to make those.

My mother in law does these potholders / dish cloth patterns where you start with few stitches and increase to both sides to the widest point to go back in decrease and finish a square.

If this is your pattern too: just keep increasing for a while until you have your desired number of stitches, then do your decrease until the end.

for a baby blanket your would take totally different material. If you do stripes, maybe make them wider?

You would not just co more stitches but they need to be in multiples of the stitch pattern (if there is one) so the sts work out right. So if a pattern has you CO 35 sts and the pattern is a multiple of 7+1 plus 3 edge sts each side, you need probably a few more edge sts, maybe 5 so that’s 10 sts, then the multiple of 6 could be something like 91, plus the 1 is 92 plus the edge sts takes you up to 102. Or whatever the stitch patterns would be.

You could also do squares of the original dishcloths and sew together. To avoid quite as much seaming, make a long strip - CO 35, do one cloth, knit a few sts of garter stitch, then knit another, then another - for the length you want, then you’d only have about 3 or 4 strips to sew together.