Dishcloths for momma

I thought I posted this this morning but it seems to have vaporized. I apologize if this is a duplicate.

My mom is visiting me in Boston (from Washington state), so I made her some dishcloths:

The blue and purple are Bernat Cotton Tots, the green is CottonEase (the old kind), and the yellow is Sugar and Cream.

From top to bottom, the patterns are:
-Holiday Swirls, Creative Knitting, January 2006
-Cables & Lace, Creative Knitting, September 2007
-A Little Lace Kitchen Cloth
-Fun-to-Stitch dishcloth (Half linen stitch), Creative Knitting July 2007
-Mock Cable, Creative Knitting March 2007

There is one more forthcoming. UPDATE:

I made it up using a mosaic pattern from the Barbara Walker Mosaic knitting book.

Very pretty designs and colors

I’m sure she’ll love them! Those are so pretty!

Love the colors, they’re all very pretty!

Wow those are nice :cheering:Love the round one.Like your color choices too:star:

I like number 3. Nice stitch pattern

May be do you want to exchange this stitch pattern with me?

They are all so pretty. I love dishcloths.

I love number three but couldn’t seem to find the pattern on bristolknits. I am making dishcloths for my mom as well. I am just finished the a couple of the cable and lace ones myself.

Lima and Stirsmom, the pattern is here

It lists the bristolknits address at the top, so I didn’t even realize it wasn’t there. Sorry!

Thank you,bip!:inlove:

Those are great! I love dishcloths; so fun to make and so useful. I love that you can try out different stitches without much risk. I love the yellow cable one and the third lacey one. Very cute, makes me want to go knit a few more dishcloths.

Wow, those look great! Your Mom is going to have a hard time taking those to a dirty plate, though! :teehee:

Ooh, I love your dishcloths! I just knitted a bunch for wedding gifts. I am adding #3 to my to-do-list.

Thanks for sharing!

:heart: Oh, those are so pretty. Great job :thumbsup: Just like laikabear said, using them on a dirty plate would be awfully hard :teehee:

Those dish cloths are so pretty!! I love them all:heart:. Great work:cheering: Your Mom will treasure them.

Love your dishcloths and bet mom will too!! :cheering:
Such pretty colors and patterns. Dishcloths are on my list to knit this fall and you’ve given me some additional motivation to get started! Thanks for sharing.

These are so pretty. I am making my daughter and daughter-in-law some wash clothes. They both had baby boys! I am now a gramma! But you can never have too many of these little wash clothes when you have a baby. I love the one’s you made.:thumbsup:

They are all very pretty…:thumbsup:

I couldn’t wash dishes with anything so pretty! :aww:

I especially like the lavender one!

Thanks for posting the pattern and instructions. This dishcloth is soooo pretty!