Dishcloths for coworkers

Trying once more to get the photos to upload.

NIce work! The pinwheels and the colorful ones are my favs.

There they are! Those are pretty!

Boy! you have been busy,I’ll bet there’s not a scrap of cotton left in your house.They are all lovely,esp the round one…that’s on my to do list

Nice work! Great assortment! :thumbsup:

I like the round ones best cuz they’re so different!

Thanks, all. I’ve been knitting on these all year, off and on. I buy those big cones of cotton when they’re available so I’ve got lots and lots more. I love my dishcloths…they’re all I use now. Everybody at work looks forward to getting their cloth each year, so that makes it all the more enjoyable. The first year I did this, no one wanted to use a “hand-knit” dishcloth, but now they love them. And, I love making them, so it’s all good.

What a great assortment! Do you let your coworkers pick or do you gift to specific people? Either way, lucky coworkers!

Lovely! all of them…what a great thing to do for your co-workers. I used to get handknit dishcloths from my Dad, who is now 84, in a retirement home, and still knits. I love them, they’re my fav gift of all.

Great job!! They will love them!