Dishcloths for coworkers

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All year I knit dishcloths as a short-term project then I hand them out at Christmas to some of my coworkers. I usually wrap a nice bar of French-milled soap or some other-hand made soap in the cloth and tie it up with a nice bow. I didn’t know how many I had until tonight, but so far I’ve got 11 of these, so I’ve got my coworkers pretty much covered.

Nice! No photos?

I put them in the “Oops…” thread, and they were showing up last night. Don’t know what happened.

I like to give items that I make to the ladies in our church at Christmas. This year I have been knitting the dishcloths also in between other projects. Whenever I find the cotton thread on clearance I buy a couple cones. So far I have about 15 and would have had that many more, but I also give them away while on the road (my husband is an evangelist).

I plan to buy small bottles of dish detergent. I’ll then wrap one dishcloth around it and secure it with a ribbon. I’ve seen one of the local $ stores advertise JOY detergent for 79 cents for a 12 ounce bottle. I also put a large bar of Hersey’s chocolate in with my gifts so the husband and rest of the family won’t feel left out. I’d love to be able to purchase for everyone, but I just can’t afford it.

I thought too that if I had the time I might make some of those scrubbie pads that ARTLADY makes to add as well.