why are most dishclothes made out of cotton? can acrylic be used?

If you are going to use it as a dishcloth- acrylic doesn’t absorb water. wool will probably shrink / felt with washing. Cotton wahses well, absorbs H20, can be scrubby, andhows pretty stitches. If it is just for decoration it probably doesn’t matter what it is made of. (I’d label it well if it is a gift…)

It’s because cotton is more rugged, usually, and it is more absorbant, and is machine washable.

To be honest I dont think that I have ever heard of dishcloths being done in anything but cotton. One thing to be careful with when knitting a dish cloth is if there is a pattern like the one with a sailboat in the free pattern section her on KH a solid color works best. But of you do that garterlac disk cloth i think a verigated would look sweet.

Me, too. I made a garterlac in solid, and one in variegated, and I definately prefer the variegated one.

i’m making artlady’s basketweave dishcloths right now and i’m using microspun by lion brand to make them. it is microfiber, which is acrylic. now, i have not used them yet but i have used microfiber cloths in the past to clean and they work sooooo well. i love microfiber. they last much longer than cotton and look better also.

thanx. i guess i’ll just use the acrylic one i made as a dust clothe.

I made a couple out of Microspun and they are nice and soft. They don’t absorb quite as well as cotton, but they stay nice longer.

Microspun- Brilliant!!! I had some I bought with no real purpose… now they have one!

I would think the microspun would be good for dusting glass or wiping windows since they sell those microfiber cloths anyway! :shrug:
Now, anyone have a pattern for a knit vacuum cleaner? :rofl:

I hadn’t though of using Microspun before. I’ve always used cotton. Looks like I’m going to have to try knitting a microspun dustcloth. I even have some fun spring colors too. :slight_smile:

:?? what is microspun made of?

It’s an acrylic, but like microfiber so it’s super soft. It’s also got a loose twist and very splitty to knit with. Wouldn’t think it’d make good washcloths, but maybe if you used a real small needle.

sue, who thinks anything smaller than 8 is a real small needle…