Dishcloth yarn

What is your favourite yarn for knitting dishcloths? So far I’ve only used cheap cotton, is there anything else that you love? I’m thinking maybe bamboo??!

I always use Tahki Cotton Classic. It comes a million colors and it dries faster and colors stay beautiful a long time. I don’t like cheap dishcloth cotton like Sugar and Cream.

Whatever you use make sure it’s absorbent.

Cheap cotton is generally considered about the best. Slight better cotton can work well too, not sure about the bamboo, but I think it wouldn’t sop up spill too well.

I love Saucy Cotton (by Reynolds) and Mission Falls Cotton. Both work up so nice and soft.

I like a linen/cotton blend I picked up from DBNY. The linen gives it a nice scrubbing texture that I like for facecloths.

My favorite dishcloth ever is one I made from double stranded size 10 crochet cotton. I crocheted it and used a very open stitch. It’s not real thick like the Sugar/Peaches and Cream and that’s what I like about it. It’s the only one I actually use!

Not sure what DBNY is? :??

DB is usually Debbie Bliss, maybe there’s a shop that carries her yarn in New York.

I agree - size 10 crochet cotton is by far the best way to go. Use size 3-4 needles.

It retains scrubbability, it dries much faster than the heavier cotton yarns which I find tend to get slimy after a couple of uses.

And it comes in some neat colors. But … it does really shrink big-time, so make your washclothes bigger than you think they need to be.

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PS - If you really want “scrubbability” - add in a thin nylon fishline to knit along with the crochet cotton.

sorry, discontinued brand name

I agree - size 10 crochet cotton is by far the best way to go. Use size 3-4 needles.

About the size 10 crochet cotton… are you referring to the thread that’s used to make doilies?


Yup, that’s the thread that I was talking about. :slight_smile:

Well, how cool is that? I have some in my stash, and will have to try it!

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