Dishcloth shawl (not finished yet)


Really pretty! Love the color!

Pretty. It seems to be knit a bit uneven tensionwise (or there are intended holes, besides those at the border) but I think this gives it an interesting look.

She’s a new knitter so it’s a common occurrence. Even tension comes with practice.

Looks good Noob. :thumbsup:

I knit it with pretty huge circulars, I tried to follow the instructions for size, but the “Unique” needles only list their size in metric. Egads. The needles are 8mm in diameter. According to a site I found, that’s size 11. :open_mouth:

That’s fine with worsted weight for a shawl, it’ll make it nice and cozy/cushy even with more open sts. The sts will even out when you wash and dry it. I think it looks great.

Ah, so the gapiness is because of the “huge” needles and worsted weight yarn? Can I wash acrylic? should I do it by hand?


She actually “calls” for bulky weight yarn…would it be possible to knit this pattern next time in a much more delicate weight yarn? I am kinda meh over using worsted/bulky…

Beautiful shade of purple! Nice work, coming along real good!

By all means wash and dry the finished item - in the machine.

I don’t know if you’re using the 13, they’re a little big for worsted, I suggested 11s which would be okay.

If you want to use thinner yarn next time, you can, go down to a size 9 or 10 needle. But I think this one will turn out fine, nice and thick and warm.

Looks so cozy! :thumbsup: I love that color purple!!

SO glad you posted the pattern!!! I’d been looking for a project and this got me started :)I have SEVERAL cones of cotton that I got a xmas and so I’ll make a really lightweight version for the summer!!! THANKS:yay:

De nada, eh!:yay: