Dishcloth shawl completed!

I just rinsed it in the bathtub and laid it out to dry so pics later. Ended up with around 140 rows instead of the recommended 150, but still a really large shawl IMO. :yay:

Very nice!

Very pretty! Congrats on your patience. I can barely manage to finish a dishcloth lately.

It looks great, Noob!

looks great!!!

That’s not a mistake off to the left, it just wadded up on the couch. I did discover a bad mistake near the bind off area, it started to unravel a bit. I used a tapestry needle and spare yarn and carefully fixed it (it aint pretty but it works.)

very nice! LOVE the color!

This is so very very nice! A substantial shawl like this is attractive, and also useful cuz it’s not so fragile! This is a shawl a woman can use every day, every week, every month, year after year! Good job!

Hope my mom appreciates it…took me hours to knit the thing.

Congrats!! It turned out wonderful!!

If it’s for your Mom, it’s worth every stitch. I’m sure she’ll love it as the color is beautiful~~~~~

I gave it to her last night, she loves it but it’s a trifle too small for her. Dang.

I like it! Very pretty color too!!

Very pretty and love the color!