Dishcloth question

I was looking at the Dishcloth Boutique and I was wondering if anyone actually uses any of these for dishcloths? They sure are a great way for learning different stitches!

There have been many wash/dish clothes made around here. It IS a wonderful way to learn different stitches. I’m making some for stocking stuffers.

I’ve made a couple for my Mother…she :heart: them.


Stocking stuffers! Great idea! I’m sure my family will look at me like I’m nuts, but what the heck. :wink: Thanks for the replies. I’ll have to give them a try with the proper yarn.

My grandmother ONLY used handmade dishcloths…now, I like scrubby sponges, personally, so I wouldnt USE them…but I think they make GREAT stocking stuffers!

This is the only thing my mom will knit LOL she loves to use them says there is nothing better and makes some for glass no streaks… after I make mine I just hate to do that to them… so I’m making the blocks in spare time and later gonna make an afgan out of them great way to learn different stitches… and great Stocking stuffers!! :XX: :XX:

I made one for the IL to use to wipe the steam nozzle on their espresso machine…

Works a TREAT!

I’m also going to make one for ours, and make a smooth side /rough side one to use on my face :smiley:

I have made and USE several dishcloths. I am currently making as many as my hands can handle. I bought several skeins of cotton yarn a little while back and have been working on them in between bigger projects. I wanted to have them for stocking stuffers. Grandmother’s favorite has been one that many people request from me, and is soooo easy. I am working on a blue lacy one now.

I have made several from that site that I give out. I started them to learn the new stitches, but kept doing them because they are great to give away to someone who does a nice for you. Like my kids homeschool online so ds needs a proctor so I gave some to her for proctoring for him. Most recently the secretary’s husband at my dh’s job likes to fish, but doesn’t like to eat them gave hubby about 10 gooood size trout. So I sent her some dishclothes. Anyway, I use them and hate to use anything else. I thought our librarian (who teaches my son to do website creating) was going to cry when I gave her some. Everyone loves them.