Dishcloth Question(s)

I have a couple questions regarding what is supposedly the very easy dishcloth.

  1. Okay, I’m actually looking to create my own pattern for a dishcloth (can’t be normal and make things simpler by using an already existing pattern). My question is that I’ve seen that on some patterns (where the purl stitch is what makes the pattern) on odd rows you do the knit and then purl where the chart requires and on even rows you knit all way across. Other patterns I’ve seen, for similar results, say to knit and then purl where chart calls no matter WHICH row you are on. What is the difference between these two methods as I can’t tell from the end result.:?? Am I blind/missing something? I just want to try and make sure I don’t do it wrong from the get-go.

  2. I’ve read that cotton is the best yarn to use. If something is a cotton blend, is that acceptable or does it need to be 100% cotton. For one of the colors I’m wanting, the best I’ve found is 50% cotton and then other stuff.

Thanks knitters for your guidance.

I’ve tried both ways and I think the one where you knit every other row works better. The pattern lies flatter. When you do it so the whole pattern is in purl, it tends to pull in.

My guess is that a blend would work ok.

I’ll give that a shot. It definitely looked easier (for me anyway) doing alternate rows knitting only and lying flat would be nice (although I imagine it will normally be slopped over the faucet…haha).

I’ll be sure to post a pix when I’m done!