Dishcloth purse?

I have been thinking of making a small summer purse from a dishcloth pattern. It would be a simple square bag with a long shoulder strap to wear across my body when visiting theme parks etc. I just want enough room for an ID, a credit card and my beloved Blistex. I am thinking about an animal pattern from Knitwits or Knittingknonsense. What do you think???

I think it would be cute! Just be careful that it doesn’t have a lot of openwork or you’ll lose your stuff!

Unless you line it…
I think it’s a cute idea, too. If I did it, I think I would make it with a lot of openwork and then line it with a contrasting color fabric. Hmm, maybe I should do this…Thanks for the idea!

Unless you line it…[/quote]

Oh yeah… good thinking, Cate. Lining it would be a great idea and Cate’s idea of another color sounds very bright and summery!

:smiley: Great idea :thumbsup: