Dishcloth Pattern

I’m trying to knit a washcloth and the pattern reads as:
“yf, k2tog,p1,k1”

Is a “yf” the same as a “yo”? Just bringing the yarn forward is ridiculous because then you cannot knit the “k2tog”.

Then, secondly, on the wrong side is “p1,yrn, p2tog,k1,p1”

The “yrn” is another term I’ve never seen used anywhere. The pattern identifies a “yrn” as “yarn round needle (wrap yarn around needle once).”

I have approached this pattern about 5 times now and am not getting anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

YO is also known as - yo, yarn forward, yf, yfwd, yfon (yarn forward over needle), yfrn (yarn forward 'round needle) and others depending on the origin. Why it’s written two different ways in one pattern I don’t know.

There are hundreds of dishcloth patterns if you’d rather switch.

For the yf, yarn forward, bring the yarn to the front and then over the right needle to the back to do the k2tog. For the yrn, the move is a little different but the effect is the same. Bring the over the needle and then back around to the front so that you’re in place for the p2tog. These are as Jan says just different ways of saying yo or yarn around the needle, depending on the designer’s preference.

Why it’s written two different ways in one pattern I don’t know.

On row 2, it’s a yo between purl sts, so you need to know to wrap that all the way around the needle instead of just yf like you do between knits.