Dishcloth pattern question

I’m knitting from a pattern called Eloominator’s Diagonal Knit Dishcloth by Jana Trent. Sorry but I don’t recall where I downloaded from - probably Ravelry.

Row 4: k2, yo, knit to end.
Row 5: k2, yo, k9, yo, SKP. Repeat, knit remaining
Row 6: as Row 4.
[B]Repeat[/B] Rows 5 and 6, [B]adding an additional *yo, SKP for each repeat[/B], until there are 55 sts

Does this mean every time I do Row 5 there are [U][B]3[/B] yo, SKP[/U]?

Every time you do a row 5 and row 6 you’ll increase the stitch count by 2 sts (one stitch increased each row). So you’ll be working an extra repeat of the yo, SKP every 2 rows.