Dishcloth knitters

Hi knitters:muah: , I’ve never really thought of making dishcloths/or wash cloths before…but I’ve heard here,and at the knitting shop many who do. I do have some yarn that I bought that was less costly than what I’m currently knitting with,and thought that might be made to good use ,plus…it’s so small I can carry it in my bag,and knit while I’m waitingcloud9
My question is…do these really work at cleaning dishes,and bodies…? There must be some law about absorbent,and washability…like cotton,acrylic,wool etc.
Thanks abunch:)

I don’t know about any “law”…but, they’re absoluetly great for both sinks and faces. Which one I think depends mostly on how soft the yarn is. Check out the Olympic Dishcloth KAL thread on this site and you’ll find more patterns and examples than you ever dreamed of. Also, some great links to free patterns for cloths…I just recently got hooked and am working on a stack of them for gifts. Have fun…:knitting:

I recently started a project to knit a bunch of dishcloths for some of the women in my family for Christmas. All the patterns I’ve seen recommend using 100% cotton yarn. I can’t imagine acrylic yarn would be very absorbent, plus it’s a little scratchier than cotton (I did knit one dishcloth out of acrylic, just because I wanted to knit it and I didn’t have any cotton yarn on hand…I intend to use it as a hot pad to set hot dishes on the table.) I was also recommended to use a linen blend yarn for cloths that can be used as washcloths/facecloths.

Also, I had started a thread a while back asking if people REALLY used the dishcloths/washcloths/facecloths they made and I’d say 99% of the replies I received were a resounding YES! I haven’t used any I’ve made, yet, so I can’t tell you my own experience, but hearing so many positive replies makes me think there’s definitely something to handmade dishcloths. :slight_smile:

Cotton works best, though Lion microspun is good for facecloths. Acrylic doesn’t absorb water well, and wool may felt.

I have knitted washcloths and use them in the bath with the kids. they love all the motifs etc that is on them. gives us something to talk about when I am having a bath with my two year old. Have never used them as dishcloths, as I think they are to nice to wash dirty dishes with. I use 100% cotton. check out ravelry for loads of patterns.

Patterns…? Here’s pages of them Dishcloth Patterns

I like Tahki Cotton Classic best for mine.

Here’s another link to add to your list.

My favourite yarn is the Super 10 100% cotton. I knitted/crocheted a few cotton dishcloth. As for Dustcloth, will use Arcylic yarn. Both dishcloth and dustcloth r very useful and come in handy.