Dishcloth Knit/Crochet Along


Been meaning to share this for a couple days, I’m knitting the lattice stitch cloth now, finished a basket weave one earlier. The dish cloth patterns are below the fingerless gloves :slight_smile:

dish cloth link


I think I need to get some lighter weight cotton yarn to make up some of those lattice and basket weave cloths for washcloths so I can throw my old store bought terry ones in the rag bag. :thumbsup: If I go looking back through this thread I could probably find enough patterns so that no two are alike and make a whole big stack of 'em.

I’m not sure I like the idea of a round washcloth or dishcloth. I think on a larger scale it would make an awesome Xmas tree skirt. I’d never made anything disk shaped before so I had to try it.


I was thinking of like a doily for houseplants to sit on!


Plant pads, :cool: cool idea. Back in the olden days when I had houseplants I could have used a bunch of the round ones. They’d be handy for wiping up spills when watering. I only have a couple plants anymore and they’re the kind that thrive on neglect.


That turned out lovely GG! :heart:

Those are great dishcloth patterns Janis!

Thank you both for sharing the patterns! :muah:


Cool dishcloth pattern. I had to learn a provisional cast on. :muah: