Dishcloth Knit/Crochet Along


That’s not just good news, that’s great news Claire! I wish I could say my house was about 80% in order. :yay: for you!

Isn’t it fun to get into stash and rediscover treasures, like your Ivy League?

Is your kitchen green?


We’ve painted the house in neutral colors in preparation for putting on the market. Ceilings, crown molding, baseboards and wainscoting all in pure white, walls in Belgian Cream. Finally almost finished with freestanding cabinet for kitchen, need to measure for, order and install glass shelf. Now the cabinet is colorful, Robin’s Egg with Yellow Magnolia beaded board backing the upper cabinet. Photos to follow soon, promise.


Sounds lovely!


Ivy League. Nice. Now you can keep your promise and still have your new (sort of) yarn too! Way to go, Claire! :thumbsup:

Charlotte’s link led me to a cardigan pattern that I think may be just what I was looking for. Thanks, Charlotte!


Sweet! What is the name of the cardigan?

It really was like having new yarn when I found it, immediately I began thinking about all the things I had wanted to knit with it. I feel like I got rewarded for keeping my promise :angelgrin:


Isn’t it nice when things work out as they should?

I meant to post the link to the cardi earlier but my internet got balky so instead of putting it in the other thread I’ll post it here. Timberline Cardigan

Now my computer is acting up. I’m crossing my fingers that I can post this.


Found these and wanted to share the joy! :heart:

The free patterns are interspersed with her paid ones by subject but have a download button instead of a pay button.:wink:


So is everyone done making dishcloths now that Christmas is over? I’ve decided against making placemats and now I have four skeins of Handicrafter to make something new with. All of my scrubbies are wearing out and I’m trying to decide between making more kitchen-cotton-and-plastic-netting scrubbies or switch to mini-dishcloths.

The red is the same dishcloth I posted earlier, now washed and dried. The other three are sample scrubbies – the green one is what I use now, but I think it is too small. The other two are one that is just right but scraggly looking (which bothers me :blush:) and the other is too big and takes too long to knit.

I’m thinking about making plain (that is, no netting) scrubbies about the size of the one on the bottom left, maybe with a cute pattern. That might be too small for a pattern though and I may have to stick with the garter stitch for them.


I’m never done with dishcloths and washcloths. I even keep some for myself. I haven’t tried scrubbies yet, but I have the netting for it. Just need to cut it into strips. Do you have a pattern or do you just knit it with cotton and netting held together?


No, pattern – just garter stitch. I have tried holding the two together, but I find the netting twists into a skinny strand and gets lost behind the cotton one, so I try to somewhat wrap it around the yarn as I work it through.

The hardest part for me is when I knit normally, I end up frequently poking the tip of my needle through one of the holes and tearing the netting. I’m trying to knit looser (I’m normally a pretty snug, but not tight, knitter) and it just looks uneven and sloppy to me.

I haven’t washed my one loose sample yet; maybe the stitches will straighten out when I do. I need to make another one so that I can have one to try out. :slight_smile:


I’m never done with dishcloths, dish towels, and washcloths. :wink: Someone is always moving into a new place or getting married or having a baby.

I’m thinking about making plain (that is, no netting) scrubbies about the size of the one on the bottom left, maybe with a cute pattern. That might be too small for a pattern though and I may have to stick with the garter stitch for them.

That would be a nifty idea… Hmmm, now you’ve got me thinking. :think: I wonder… how small scrubbies thrummed with netting would work IRL?


I had to look up thrum; I didn’t know what that was. And my answer is, in regards to scrubbies and netting, that I don’t know. :shrug:

The netting I’m using is not only not fluffy, but it also compresses really flat. Once it is cut (or torn by my needle because I’ve knit too tight and couldn’t get around it ;)), it is not very durable and breaks apart easily.

It may be a good experiment to try, but not one that I’ll be doing with the netting I have. :teehee:


Eek! How awful.

That experiment of mine will go on the back burner until I can visit a fabric store to see what’s available for netting!


Cute as a button!


That is super cute! I want to make one! :slight_smile:

I finished a scrubbie a couple of weeks ago and have been using it. It is stiffer than I remember it being (and hasn’t gotten any softer with use) and the nylon seems to not be as fragile, so I’m guessing my knitting skills have improved a lot since I made the other ones that had broken netting and eventually fell apart. :teehee:


:yay: for your scrubby!

I think I’ll make a heart scrubby for DDs new house to go with the dishcloths I already made for her…


This is just adorable!



It’s adorable!


Round Dishcloth
Peaches and Cream Bright Blue (I think, the label went walkabout). Instead of seaming, I used Kitchener stitch to join the edges. JMCO with crochet thread through the hole in my needles and I just slid the held stitches right off the cable. I used my Nova Needles. Next time I’ll use the Sunstrucks. I find when I knit with cotton I knit a lot looser and the stitches wanted to slide off.

A very quick knit. I started it this morning and worked on it off and on, and now it’s done already.


That’s great, GG! Now I wanna try one!