Dishcloth completed!

My grandmother makes these kind of dishcloths for me from time to time and when I saw the pattern for them on Ravelry, I was so excited! Now I can make them for all of my friends too! I also think this is a great project to teach a new knitter how to increase and decrease without stress. Now I understand how it works so that I can try other more challenging things like a shrug. Thanks for looking!

Isn’t it wonderful to learn new things? It looks great :slight_smile:

Looks great! :cheering:

:happydance: Great job!!

That looks great!! I love the bright and cheery yarn. This was my first dishcloth pattern too! :thumbsup:

What a cute cloth! These are such great projects…small, fast, and easy!

Don’t you love dishcloths? It’s so fitting that the name of this pattern is “grandma’s favourite dishcloth”, isn’t it?

Looks good!

Congrats! It looks great!

That’s really pretty and it’s really square. I always end up with one corner a little misshapen, so great job!

Great Job ! Those were always my grandmothers favorite too, hers had to be white so she could clorox them. Found all the pretty colored ones and various pattern ones in a drawer in the kitchen unused after she died…she had claimed for years they were too pretty to use and sure enough she never would use them. Now that you’re a proficient knitter check out all the free dishcloth patterns on this website and you can do mock cables or other shapes and really WOW your friends.

Great work! I love the yarn.:woot: I’ve not made any discloths yet. I might have to try them when I’m finished with my first hat.

Very nice! I just LOVE those dish clothes so much. Your’s turned out really pretty. :thumbsup:

Looks very nice! :thumbsup:

Very awesome work there!

I started making these last year when I finally found the pattern (thanks to the ladies on this website) and love it.

One thing that comes to mind tha I wanted to do and haven’t done yet is make scarves out of the pattern. Little bigger, only half a cloth - should be simple - just haven’t done it yet.

Figured it’d be a good thing to make and donate to cancer patients.

Keep up the good work!

Looks great… Careful now, these things are addictive, lol…

very nice! good,even knitting, too.