Dish rags!

Knitted these for gifts. Made some for myself and they are awesome for so many types of clean up. Use to scrub the stove top, wipe down surfaces, , dust furniture, wash the car…well, you get the idea… I like not having to go through paper towels so much like before. Throw them in the washer and dryer!

:happydance: they look great!! I love knitted dishrags too…I don’t get to keep many though they seem to head out the door with someone else instead :teehee:

Very pretty and useful! You’ve sure been a busybee! Great job!

very nice! I use these all the time in the kitchen.

Those look great! I have been meaning to knit some dish towels just so I wouldn’t have to use paper towels anymore too.

What a cute assortment!. I did a bunch in red/green/white at Christmas, and they made nice small gifts.

You’ve been busy! Great array of colors.

Great job! They’re addicting aren’t they? I usually always have some kind of cloth on my needles. I just love them!

Wow, you’ve been busy! I love these cloths. I just started knitting and it was out first project. I’ve done three now and have given them all to my mom who hinted that she needed some LOL! I haven’t tried a varigated one but now that I see yours I think I must try one!

Those look great! I love making dish cloths! They are so fast…instant gratification!

Hi! Yours are so pretty in all the different colors. Try using them in the shower as a facecloth too. The cotton yarn makes them so soft and nice when wet. They are all I use. Rubie:knitting:

Those are so nice. I’m glad to see someone other than me calls them dish rags instead of dish cloths. I grew up with that term and some of my friends think that is so funny.

beautiful… if you want a twist on dish cloth patterns check out and look under dish cloth. They have so many cool patterns and some even have a picture in the center when you’re finished.