Dish Cloth pattern needed

I’d like a pattern when I can just cast on all the stitches. I’m not very good with increases and decreases. But all the patterns I’ve seen are worked that way. :ick:


There’s pages of them here - Dishcloth Patterns

i just finished knitting this dishcloth as a break from my bigger projects - although it is two colors, it isn’t hard at all, and it came out very nicely! added bonus: no increases or decreases…

you don’t even necessarily need a pattern, really. just decide how wide you want it to be and start knitting. if you want an open texture, use large needles. if you want a scrubby pattern, you might try seed stitch.


This is the one I am thinking about doing next,no increases or decreases

I made this one a few weeks ago, it has very easy increases and decreases.