Disgust, frustration and Knitterly stuff

The last couple of months have been pretty difficult…
More than any one thing, it seems to be a culmination of things. My only sibling is moving away. I work 2 jobs basically because I need to. My moms disabled and I am her sole caregiver. she has ongoing medical problems that I won’t go into, but the last time she was in the hospital they discovered a tumor in her intestine. Surgery for her is risky at best due to other health concerns. Still we get by.

Tonight she called me telling me she didn’t feel “right”. I rushed home and drove her to the hospital. she had called her Dr. when she started feeling really bad and the Dr said she would see my mom at the hospital tonight. We arrived at 5:30 pm. Three and 1/2 hours later the Dr. walks in and wants to know why we waited so long to come in. I explained that we had been there ER since 5:30 and had not been seen. The Dr goes in the back and tries to get a room so she can examine my mom herself. No room at the inn. They told the Dr. that they had no rooms available and she might want to go to another hospital as it would be 3-4 more hours before they “think” they might find a spot for her. After much discussion, its decided that my mom will go home tonight, and be at the Dr’s office at 9 am tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I have some super special yarn I have been coveting. I have looked at TONS of patterns and can’t find any to do this yarn justice. I worked on it for the entire time I was at the hospital and decided I just really didn’t like the look of it. Back to the frog pile for the 6th time.

I feel a combination of :gah:,:zombie: and :waah: and just don’t know what to do about it.

OH…I forgot to mention…

When we left the hospital, I informed the person who does the intakes. She said it was fine, go ahead and go. I also informed her that if we received a bill, or if our insurance company was billed for this visit then I would make sure they were outted for making fraudulent claims. :teehee: I was a tad angry. Still am.


Oh hon, I’m so sorry you are having such a rough time right now.

ER’s suck. :gah:

You are in my thoughts and prayers as well as your mother.:hug:

Eat some ice cream!! It’ll take the edge off at least for a little while anyway…

:oo: Seriously. How did you know I was eating ice cream?
Cold Stone Creamery is amazing.

Thanks for the support guys. :grphug:



hugs for you kiddo- I know it is so hard to be the one who has to take care of everything. I really hope the doc appt goes ok this morning. and if you get a bill from the ER, I would raise h*ll about it.

ps- Cold Stone Creamery IS the best… yum…

Well I woke up this morning with a little more perspective.
I called my brother and he is coming over tonight so I can attend Knitting Group. We are heading out to the appointment soon. I am going to call the insurance company and have them make them aware of what happened last night so they don’t pay out.

I have come to expect these things with mom. I think I was more upset over not finding a pattern to do this yarn justice! LOL The stuff with Mom I tend to take in stride since I can’t do much about it. But my knitting? Different story. LOL Okay. Can you tell I woke up in a better mood?

Thanks guys.


Awwwww Chel! ER’s are terrible.

Glad you feel a bit better today!


:hug: Hope your mom’s appointment today goes better than the ER visit! Although it sounds like anything might be better.

I hate ERs too. Everytime we have to go, they overcharge, or try to charge twice due to some weird thing with the doctors’ groups. When I had to go a few months ago, after waiting hours and HOURS, they gave me a report claiming I didn’t have a miscarriage. I was like, I had 2 + preg tests, AND I’ve been pregnant three times in three years, don’t tell me I wasn’t pregnant! I knew I had probably miscarried a few days earlier so the bloodtests were inaccurate, but had a fever, and was only there to make sure I didn’t have an infection. They didn’t even mention whether I had an infection or not.:grrr:

anyway, good luck finding a pattern! What yarn are you trying to use? If you get really frustrated, I’m sure there are folks here who would just take the whole mess of it off your hands :teehee:.


What is it with ERs and crappy people? Threesmom, your story reminded me of when I was 18, I got a horrible nasty bladder infection, and they took blood and gave me painkillers/antibiotics, but I found out 2 days later I was pregnant, and I COULDNT take the pills they gave me! How could they have NOT seen that after the blood tests?

3 months later I was hospitalized cause of the infection cause they prescribed crap that didnt help.

It was awful. :hug:

Oh Chel -

I am so sorry that you are having a tough time. I really hope things turn out OK for you and your mom.

What is your super special yarn - maybe we can help you decide what to make with it…

[B]I have to say Cold Stone Creamery is THE best and I don’t really like ice cream[/B]…
…the german chocolate cake flavor is absolutely sinful, but the only flavor I will eat…

You and your mom are in my prayers…:hug::hug::hug:


Well its 12:15 am and I am beat so I am going to try to make sense.

I took my Mom in for blood work this morning, and then directly to the Dr’s after. While we were at the Dr’s, the Asst came and clipped something to the clipboard with Moms info on it. THe Dr came in and said Hmmmmmm and left the room. She came back in and said that my moms Hemoglobin was very low and she wanted us to go to the hospital immediately. She had CALLED AHEAD AND INFORMED THEM and they TOLD HER THEY WOULD HAVE A ROOM READY. So at 11:30 am I wheel my mom back into the same hospital. It took them 30 minutes to FIND the orders and then they informed us it would be 30 minutes until her room was ready. At 2:10 they finally say the room is ready and get her upstairs. It was 4:30 before they got an IV in her and 8:30 pm before they started the first unit of blood. :grrr: Oh, and we asked about getting her a dinner tray at 4:45. And again at 5:30… Finally by the time I was pissed enough to yell about it they said the kitchen was closed. My brother stepped in and lets just say, they got her a dinner tray.

I just need sleep.

I got in at midnight. So much fun I can barely stand it. :gah:

I hate hospitals.