3 days.

KnitPicks hasn’t updated my order: it has not been shipped. I emailed them yesterday: no reply. I refuse to call as I hate making phone calls after 7+ years of working in an office. Lol

I’d switch to webs for yarn (no LYS within 15 miles of me) but they don’t have a "buy $xxx and get free shipping. " any time I see how much they will charge me to ship to Colorado, it ain’t worth it. :-/

Well, if it’s any consolation my experience is that WEBS isn’t any faster nor do they have better customer service. I ordered needles from them awhile back and they put the whole order on hold for weeks because something was out of stock. No e-mail, no update to order status, just crickets. I finally called and they explained what was going on. Then when they DID ship the order, no e-mail and no update to order status again. So I called them again and it was supposed to be here that day. Fortunate for them 'cause I wasn’t too happy at that point.

Sorry for the delay and the lack of communication. It gets pretty frustrating–and I’d call them if I were you. Yeah, it’s a little annoying for you, but they need to hear your complaint, too.

How much yarn did you order? Sometimes my orders take a few days to show up then all of a sudden it is at my door. I order from them all the time. I think I spend more on yarn Than I do on other things like clothes :teehee:

Still no change.

I’m just done with KP.

I hate that this has happened to you and I hope it is just an occasional fowl up. I have never had any trouble and items always came quickly. I hope this is not a sign of change in the way they do business. It’s possible that your package was addressed wrong or the order itself just went poof and disappeared from their system. Who knows? Odd things can happen when ordering over the internet (if that is how you placed your order). You should call them.

I hope your order is in your hands soon. I don’t like waiting for things to get here.

My latest WEBS order arrived yesterday. I placed it on Sunday the 14th and got the email that it was shipped on Wednesday the 17th so I have my new yarn and needles for the weekend. I don’t recall that KP was any faster. I did have a backorder on my first WEBS order and it delayed the shipment but if they’d done two packages I’d probably have paid more in shipping. I was able to see through My Account what the hold up was. I did have a problem with the first Cubics needle I got from them but they replaced it. I had to call as emails weren’t working. I’ve not had to deal with KP customer service but I’ve read that it ain’t what it used to be.

I’ve found that their website doesn’t update quickly. Kind of like USPS.

I’ve only had them not respond to email once, but it’s a busy store so I assumed they were swamped. A quick phone call solved it.

That’s what I thought too, Jan, when I finally thought about it. I’m another who prefers avoiding the phone calls. I talked to a real live person who was so nice it reminded me that not all companies are like the phone and cable companies (in their customer dis-service centers).

I hate making calls…the point I put off needed doctor appts for months. :zombie: It is the best way for busy stores though and they were very nice and promptly took care of the issue.

My experience has been that when they offer free shipping, it’s usually super slow pokey old man post office mail. That’s the 5-7 day guaranteed delivery stuff. Although Amazon shippers sometimes surprise me with fast delivery. It also depends on where you are and where they are. Just mailing a letter from Wisconsin to Maryland can take 5 days and that’s not on a holiday.

Hehe…yeah, sometimes I think free shipping means Pony Express. :teehee:

There’s your problem. They’re either resurrecting Pony Express or perfecting time travel.

We’re at the 5 day mark. No reply. No update. I saw another person complaining about the same exact problem.

On the other hand, I had questions for Webs, which they answered. Hmmm

So they stole a Klingon battle ship and flew it at the sun? :roflhard:

Desperation gripped the colony. No new knitting supplies had been available for days without number. The tried and true ways for replenishing the dwindling stock had failed. Sitting round the empty yarn bins the leaders talked, planned, and strategized; the decision was made. They armed themselves with their sharpest points and forged ahead to claim the new yarns they so rightfully deserved. The Pony Express must be resurrected!

So they stole a Klingon battle ship and flew it at the sun? :roflhard:

Yeah, sure. Why not? :cool:


Since this thread’s about KP…
Does KnitPicks not sell size 3 circular needles? I was looking and found them at WEBS but not KP. The interchangeable sets start at size 4 and it seems the fixed circs don’t come in size 3.

I’ve had trouble finding the smaller circular needles–especially the interchangeables from both KP and WEBS. But, yes, WEBS does have the smaller fixed circs in SOME needle brands (but not in all); KP doesn’t from what I can see.

KP has fixed circs in the smaller sizes. In fact they only have the longer cable lengths in the smaller sizes, probably since their interchangeable sets start at size 4. I got sizes 1, 2 and 3 recently.