(Discussion thread) HUGE NEWS: A Gorgeous New Forum Software is coming--PLEASE UPDATE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS

Dear Forum Friends!


For quite sometime, we have been wanting to upgrade this old forum software to something more modern, more mobile-friendly, easier to use, and perhaps above all, less susceptible to automated SPAM-bots, which have created all sorts of problems behind the scenes. Our dear moderators Jan and Mary Anne work diligently to remove SPAM from our forum regularly–thank you ladies!! Still, the filter we use to keep out the vast majority of the SPAM, is, by necessity, very heavy duty, to the point that even many new users are having a hard time creating accounts. (Sorry if that has been you! We know YOU are not a spammer. Soon our forum will know it to!)

So this is a necessary change, as well as an exciting one. The new forum will be a refreshing change. I think you will all love it! I thought it was going to have to be very bare bones, as many modern forums are, but it’s surprisingly rich with great features! We’ll be able to tag users in posts, for example. We’re even going to TRY to import our delightful “emoticons” (emojis). :knitting: They will, necessarily, get shrunk to a tiny, now-standardized size, so we’ll see if they make sense to keep or not. Will they be visible? Probably some will stay, and some will get shrunk beyond recognition and have to go. We’ll see. It’s worth a try!

Our exact launch date is hard to predict, but it will likely be by the end of the month!

The one thing we CANNOT import, with all of our data transferring from the old forum to the new one, is our user’s passwords. Those are private and encrypted, and even we don’t get access to them. So what we will be doing, is putting up an alert that allows people to have a new password emailed to them. Once you’re in you’ll be able to edit your password to your old one if you wish. The key thing here, is that your email address needs to be current, to facilitate an easy log in, once we launch! To update your email, look in the upper left corner of the screen for “User Settings.”

Thanks everyone. I know this is a lot of info, but I’m excited to share, and I hope you are excited too!

Yours in Knitting and Community,

Hey folks. I realized that this announcement posted in the header didn’t allow for replies, so I’m putting it here as well. If you have any questions, let us know!

Yah! I checked my email and it’s all good to go!

How do I check my email???


Go to User Settings up near the top of the page on the left and then go to Edit Email and Passwords. You can check and see that the email is up to date.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Thanks!! I checked and my email is good to go!!!