Discovered great combination!

I don’t have pictures but hope this is the right forum to share something fun:happydance:-
While picking out yarn to do some gift scarves, I found that lots of the Lion Homespun goes with the Yarn Bee Soft Delight.(Hobby Lobby Brand) I paired Covered Bridge Red(two strands) with Soft Delight Dark Blue(one strand) and Montana Sky( again two strands) with one strand of Dark Blue Soft Delight and both scarves turned out great! The Soft Delight adds a little eyelash that jazzes up the Homespun. I knitted both on 25 circular needles lengthwise (CO 100) and knitted about 8 rows width. Any easy pattern works. Really lacy and lovely with fringe!
Hope you try it!

Wow, sounds very neat! You should post pictures if you get a chance. This is definitely the right place to share.

Sounds lovely . Post a pic :slight_smile:

Wish I could post a pic but- my digital camera/computer skills are pathetic! Guess you’ll just have to make one-lol!
Thanks for the positive feedback!