Discounted Yarn

Hi, I know this has been asked before…but are there any “good” discounted yarn sites that anyone has shopped at???

try smiley’

A lot depends on what you’re looking for. has a variety of yarns; has some [I]great[/I] deals on higher-end yarns; has discounts; , [I]
just to name a few[/I]

There’s also they have discounted high end yarns about half off, but they’ll be limited in colors as these are usually discontinued colors.

Has anyone heard of Wool of the Andes? It says that it’s 100% wool and only $1.99 a skein (50 grams).
I, too, am looking for an inexpensive place to buy wool yarn.

I like Wool of the Andes, especially for felting.

Be careful with the WOTA. It’s great for felting, but it does pill quite a bit when used as is.

And it’s somewhat rough, for a next to the skin sweater. Would be alright for a cardigan, or one always worn over another shirt.