Discounted Online Yarn Site

I’m not sure if everyone knows about this site but wanted to pass it along:

I’ve been looking for Noro Kureyon #95 and it’s been around $8.50 per skein. :frowning: I found this site and they have it listed for $6.69 a skein. :happydance: This particular one won’t be in until the end of May or beginning of June but you can pre-order it. It looks like all of the Noro Kureyon is also $6.69. It’s really a great price. :lol:

is “yarn” different from “wool” ?

Not sure what you mean :thinking: yarn is yarn it just depends on what it’s made from: wool, mohair, cotton. acrylic etc.

Well, I am a beginner and everything sounds new to me. This is the opening statement from your link: "Knitting yarn . Buy knitting yarn and wool in a great selection. Knitting wools and yarns include yarn by Noro yarn … ", it sounds to me that knitting wool is something, then knitting yarn is something else…

In places other than the US, “wool” is often a generic term for “yarn.”