Discontinued yarn

I recently purchased yarn from a flea market and am about to run out before the project is complete. It looks to be a discontinued batch and would like to know if there are any suggestions as to where I can find a match or something comparable. It is Phildar Melusine 155. 50g per skein. I have 18 skeins but not enough for the project. It is a bi-color copper and tan. Looking to find more or something comparable.:knitting:
Thx Michelle

If you aren’t already a member of Ravelry (http://ravelry.com), I strongly recommend joining. It’s free, I have NEVER BUT NEVER received any spam from joining, and there are discussion groups set up solely for looking for yarn.

(Of course, these same discussion groups feature people selling yarn from their incredibly abundant stashes, but that’s a whole 'nother situation…:wink:


I can’t find the yarn even on Ravelry. It must have been discontinued a while ago. I can’t suggest an alternative because I have no idea what it looks like or what gauge or weight it is. If you can get us that maybe we can help. Also what are you making? Do you have a link to the pattern?

Look for an address or phone number on the label or look for a website on line. Maybe they have old stock that they can send to you.

Make request for it on Ravelry too. Someone may have it at home, just not listed on their stash page.

Here’s a linkto some but I’m not sure the color is the same. You could envoyer Nadine un email if it looks close.

You could envoyer Nadine un email if it looks close.

Auto correct? :lol:

Just making an afghan. New to knitting.