Discontinued cashmere yarn


I’m new to knitting and to the forum - hello everyone :slight_smile:

I just bought a pattern from vogue knitting that calls for Anny Blatt Capella yarn. This is a 100% cashmere worsted weight yarn, 14 gauge. Does anyone know what I could use as a substitute without messing up the pattern?

Any help MUCH appreciated! :grphug:


Also - the reason I’m asking is because according to yarnindex the yarn in question hsa been discontinued… :frowning:

Look at yarndex to see what could substitute at the same gauge, with similar fiber content. You mean 14 sts per 4" right? That’s a heavy worsted or aran weight, maybe even a bulky.

Many thanks again, I found one - Schulana Cashmere Trend, and it’s in stock! Better get knitting… :knitting: