Disaster sock class!

I went to my local knitting shop for my sock class today and it was just awful. The teacher is very nice and patient but the way she teaches socks - you might as well be speaking a different language to me. The instructions that are written out make NO sense at all. These are toe up socks and she had several that were done and they were beautiful but I can’t continue this class. I’m totally lost and it doesn’t make sense to me one bit. She starts out by using a crochet hook and makes a small chain and then somehow she joins sock yarn onto that to cast on sts. She does alot of wrap yarn over when you turn the work over so many sts. VERY confusing!!
Has anyone made socks using the Silver’s sock tutorial on line? I’m trying that now and hopefully I can do it. It calls for size 2 needles and I’m using size 1’s – will that matter??
I’m so depressed over my class tho. I’ve already paid for it but I hate it!! I didn’t have fun and when I came home to try and continue, I was so stressed out because I wasn’t getting it - it was just not fun at all.

Sorry your class didn’t go well, but before you give up, go back next week and tell the instructor that you need some help. Or, just call the shop and ask them if they can help. The toe she is teaching you is a bit advanced, personally it’s not the way I’d teach.

Silver’s tutorial is brilliant. Easy to follow and your socks will come out if you follow her instructions.

If the pattern you are using calls for size 2 needles, and you are using size 1, your socks will come out smaller. The only way to tell before investing all that time is to do a swatch.

Good luck!

I’d agree that you need to talk to the teacher – you can always call up the LYS and ask for her phone number if you don’t want to talk to her during class time. Most teachers really do want you to enjoy and get a lot out of a class and will go out of their way to help someone who is floundering. It’s possible they might even refund your money if it’s a case of it being totally the wrong class for you, it depends on how desperate they are for cash to stay afloat, I suppose.

Definitely call and discuss your problems with the shop and/or teacher.

As to the needle size, that will depend on the yarn you are using. If you are getting the same guage as the pattern, you’ll be ok using that needle size.

Sorry your class went so poorly. Sounds like the teacher was showing you a provisional cast on b/c toe-up socks don’t actually start at the toe, but rather in the foot and then you knit “down” to do the toe and come back up the other side and then pick up those other stitches and go “up” from there.
I’m suprised she is starting you on such small needles. Both sock classes I’ve taken required us to use worsted weight yarn and size 6 needles. Socks knit up much quicker at this guage and makes it easier to see what you’re doing.
As for Silvers Sock tutorial, it is wonderful. I actually made a couple pairs of socks with her tutorial before attending a class. I would imagine you are paying for the class so I would go back and explain to the teacher that you need a little clearer explanation.

Sorry to hear that your class is no fun - what a bummer! I used Silver’s online class for my first sock and it is VERY easy to follow. Before making that sock, I had only done scarves, hats, and a few easy purses. So if I can do it - you can too!

Sorry to hear about your sock class. What a bummer. Silver’s sock tutorial is awesome! I made a pair of socks with her tutorial and they came out great! And now I just finished a second pair of socks using a pattern, but referred back to silver’s when it came time to turn the heel just to check I was doing it right.

Thanks for the kudos everyone. Darby, I sure wish I could help you out personally, but my online classes will have to do. I love teaching people to knit socks because for something that looks so difficult, with the right instruction, they become easy peasy… and totally addictive to knit!

BTW, using size 1s is fine. That’s what I prefer to use myself, but 2s is standard.

I have followed Silver’s Sock Class for the socks I have made and it’s so easy and easy to follow. When I bought the yarn from my LYS for my first pair of socks, the girl at my LYS mentioned they were having a sock class the following Monday. I asked her how much the class was and if I’m remembering correctly, the class was $50.00. I told her I would try it on my own first and if I had trouble, I might sign up for the class. I went home, followed Silver’s Sock Class, and I had both socks done before the Monday class at my LYS started. Seriously, if you follow Silver’s Sock Class, there’s no need to pay for a class at all. And, you’ll probably have your socks done much quicker!

(Gee, did I use the word “class” enough?? haha)

I agree that having the right teacher is key. I took a sock knitting class and the teacher was excellent. But she started with a top down sock and had us make a baby sock. She also gave us excellent detailed written instructions.

I do have to say that I am planning this year to attempt toe-up socks, and just reading through Silver’s tutorial made it seem easy. :slight_smile:

Hello all and thanks for all the advice. Silver - I didn’t know you came to the message board :slight_smile:
Anyway… I called the shop to cancel out on the class and I told them that it’s just too advanced for me and I’m stressed out now. They know me there since I’m always in there. The lady said to not worry and to pleeease continue with the class and that Jane (the teacher) will be sad if I quit and she will help me no matter what. I told them, “you do realize that if I come in next Tues., I will not be much further than when I left after the first class.” And they said that was totally fine. They called me back an hour later and said that Jane will come in 2 hours early if I want to come early for the extra help.
UGH… so I’m going to try and stick it out. I spent the day today fiddling with it and IF I did it right, I made it to the point of getting the piece on all three needles. It looks kind of small tho - the toe but that’s all I’m doing right now before I pull all my hair out. Her pattern is a toe up. Just to give you an idea it starts out by:
Chain 4 (with crochet hook) with contrasting yarn. Anchor the working yarn with a chain stitch. Wrap sock yarn over DPN from front to back. Bring sock yarn around and cross sock yarn over contrasting yarn. Make a chain stitch with the contrasting yarn. Repeat to 32 sts.
Then… knit one row and purl one row.
Knit to one stitch before end of next row. Turn and wrap yarn over right needle. Purl to one stitch before end of row. Turn and wrap yarn over right needle.
Then it gets real complicated further into it…
KNIT side of work: Knit across row to the wrap stitch. Slip next stitch through back (twist), slip and twist a second stitch, put both sts. back on left needle. Knit three sts. together.
Turn and wrap. PURL side of work… Purl to the wrap st. Slip a stitch as to knit, slip another stitch as to knit. Slip a third stitch as to knit. Move these three sts. back to left needle. Purl three sts. together through the back. turn and wrap.
See… VERY complicated!!

Silver’s Sock class is the only one I’ve done. I made my first sock NO PROBLEMS! I highly recommend it. You can check out my Ravelry page to see how many socks I’ve made! The only one I frogged was only because I didn’t like the yarn for the pattern. Go for it!!!

I would go and give the teacher a second chance and go early if you can. She may be able to give you one on one help that will make it clearer.

That being said, Silver’s class is awesome and it’s how I did my first socks. She makes it really clear and easy to understand and starts at a very basic level.

I hope your second class goes better than the first!

Definitely go back to the class, especially if the teacher is willing to come in early and give you some help individually. I am happy they are so willing to help. And if that doesn’t work, Silver’s awesome online class is always available.

And Silver - I didn’t realize you were on here either. You are the most awesome sock teacher ever! I just followed along step by step and had a pair of socks!

Wow, those are some instructions! Good luck and keep us posted.

I too am a Silver sock fan. It’s copied and in my binder of patterns and it’s the only one I use for basic sock patterns. I taught myself from this pattern. That’s how simple it is.:yay: