Disappointing day

I’m so bummed! I bought ten skeins of [COLOR=magenta]this[/COLOR] yarn this morning, in a nice “French Blue”-ish shade. I haven’t knit a big project for such a long time, and I planned on knitting a beautiful sweater for dh. (He already picked out the pattern.) I paid $41.00 (can you believe it?!?), and was already anxiously awaiting for it to arrive (I know, it doesn’t come [I]that[/I] fast…). But I just received an email from WEBS stating that they are SOLD OUT!!

[SIZE=1]Wait a minute…isn’t it bad luck to knit a sweater for your husband?:??[/SIZE]

AAARRRRGGGHHHHH…don’t you just HATE that!!! The same thing happened to me recently with some gorgeous sock yarn that I wanted soooo bad!:grrr:

Send them a nasty-gram and DEMAND that your next order is FREE!!!

You never know if you can get something for free until you ask. :wink:


Check out littleknits.com – they have Nature Wool on sale for $4.95 a ball.

Here’s the link.

Hope this helps make your day a little better. It won’t be $41 dollars better but close.


You know, that same thing has happened to me each time (3 times to be exact!) I have ordered from WEBS…which is why WEBS is not one of my favorite online stores…I do love littleknits though!:happydance:


I think you’re safe on knitting your husband a sweater. I think the curse is only for boyfriends and fiances. :roflhard: Since you already are married it voids the curse.
Sorry to hear about the yarn.