I have just finished a Weekend Sweater/Coat and am disappointed. It’s quite big and too long. However, I am going to finish it and perhaps consider selling it at a consignment shop. The question I have is:
I’ve been advised by friends to do a flat stitch for the seams. I’m not familiar with this stitch and would like to know if you all suggest the same or another one perhaps. I would appreciate any input.
Thank you.
happygramma :hug: :heart:
Also where is the best place I can learn to do this stitch?

I’m sorry this project didn’t work. That just happens sometimes.
The flat stitch or back stitch will work

But you might also think about the mattress stitch which produces a very pretty neat seam. There are ways of doing mattress stitch on garter or on stockinette stitch. You could Google the one that you need if you’d like to try it.