Disappointed in my new WIP

I started knitting a simple triangle shawl with a few lace flowers throughout. I am using Sirdar Blur yarn. I thought that it would look very nice and be soft/somewhat warm over my shoulders in the summer.

Uggg… I am finding that it just looks homemade. My stitches look very uneven and the yarn isn’t suiting the project at all. :waah:

What should I do? continue? Rip it and keep it for something else? I have 4 Balls of it in White. what the heck will I make with 4 balls of that stuff in White other than a shawl?

I’d suggest you pause and block what you’ve done. You may find that it evens out your stitches. It will help you see what the actual finished product will look like. THEN decide!

That is a good idea. the yarn is 30% mohair 70% microfibre so it should block okay. Maybe daylight will help too.

I also have enough for this pattern if need be.


or this one which I quite like…but in white? ugg!


And if you still find you don’t like it–then don’t finish it. Knitting should be fun–we have enough chores in our lives.:hug:

AW, i think the second one in white would look ok… what if you tried to get a 2nd colour in as well… white and black or white and blue Could look nice!

Yes, I could always add a second color. we’ll see. Maybe I’ll do some stash swapping with someone who wants it too. :slight_smile:
Don’t worry Ingrid, If I don’t like it… I won’t finish it. I have a second sock to finish that I was just taking a break from and a felted project on the go too… not to mention a hat and… I’m such a project whore. sigh. oh well. :slight_smile: