Dirty Jobs

I was watching Mike Rowe’s “Dirty Jobs” yesterday on the Discovery channel, and he was at an alpaca farm, learning how to shear the alpacas. I just wanted to hug all that fluffy fiber and run away with it!:teehee: Anybody else see this episode?

yup seen it several times. Coming up this week Mike gets to work with sheep.

Yep. I always feel sorry for the poor cameraman who got sheared at the end. Dude, why’d let Mike cut your hair? You know that wouldn’t end well. :roflhard:

I missed that one… I’ll have to keep my eyes posted for the re-run. I would have loved to see all that wool…

I’ll have to set up the dvr to record that show again - we did have it set up, don’t know what happened, but somehow it isn’t recording anymore (kids)

Thank you!!!

I’ve seen it a couple of times - DH is a “Dirty Jobs” fanatic! I was so happy to see him at an Alpaca farm and the one with the sheep. Dd anyone see where he talked with a lady who spun her own hair?

I didn’t catch it, but I bet my husband did! He probably has no clue that Alpaca makes nice yarn so he wouldn’t bother telling me! I did catch a piece on 20/20 I think. Somebody was talking about raising alpacas. He gets somewhere in the $20-30,000 range per animal! Wow! I can’t imagine forking over that much money for one little old animal, but it’d sure be cute and make me lots of nice yarn!


I love this episode. He even spins some on a wheel! I love it when he takes the female to the male to mate. THe female makes this gurgely grunty noise and the farmer says “she make that sound to get the male aroused” and Mike says “it’s doing something to me too.” I :heart: Mike Rowe.