Dirt cheap knitting needles

So I’m bored and was looking around Craig’s List for used spinning wheels just for giggles. Then I decided to look for yarn, knit and crochet stuff. I looked in our area first nothing NADA zilch. Then I looked in my mom’s area for giggles. Wouldn’t you know it I found a set of NEVER used needles. Of course I replied to the ad.
I give you the ad.
[B][SIZE=2]Knitting needles - $1"I have a never used set of knitting needles. 23 needles with a bag to hold them all. Someone bought them for my wife and she doesn’t knit." [/SIZE][/B]

Sounds like a deal. You should go for it.

Holy cow- I wonder if it’s an interchangeable set?

ETA- why don’t people give me knitting needles as a present?

Even if they’re crummy needles, you still only paid a dollar!

Cool! Lucky you!


Yeah that was what hubby said.

Don’t know I did ask what brand they where just to be curious.

I think the part that I found to be funny was his wife had NEVER knitted.

Wonder if she crocheted, and got the needles from one of the poor, misguided souls who think knitting and crocheting are interchangeable terms for the same thing…:teehee:

I have inquired and am very anxiously awaiting a response.

I’m wondering why there is an odd number?

Can’t wait to hear what you find out.

:roflhard: :roflhard:

One is probably under the couch cushions! :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting to hear back. They where listed back in late august.

One is probably under the couch cushions!


i’m sure my sofa has eaten some of my DPNs.

So I’ve waited 3 days now to hear back how much longer should I wait before I send another message.

I think I would respond today to check on it.