I am a new fairly new knitter, I am trying to make a sweater for my grandson using a free pattern off Lion brand yarn, homespun. I have gotten to the neck shaping part but I don’t understand what they mean by “join second strand of yarn and bind off next 13 sts, k to end. Working both sides at once, work even in pattern until Back measures 14” from beg. Bind off" Can some one please explain? Thanks

What you’re doing at this point is binding off stitches for the back of the neck and then working both shoulders. They each need they’re own ball of yarn, since they’re not connected anymore. You leave the yarn for the first shoulder behind, attach a new ball, bind of the stitches and work to the end with the new ball. This way each side has it’s own yarn and it is in the right place.

Next you need to follow the instructions in the pattern until the piece measures 14 inches.