Directions for Cap

I’m working on the Cap found in Lace & Leaves for baby, page 10.

I’ve just completed Row 18: K6, YO, K1, YO, (K 11, YO, K1, YO ) 3 times, K6: 57 sts.

Row 19 : (Increase, P 13) 4 times, K1: 61 sts.

I know I can increase to make 60 P stitches… and then K1… but can you explain Row 19’s directions. Thanks,


This should be an increase in a stitch, like a kfb for example. That way you’ll use up 14x4sts and one more with the K1.
You want to increase in a stitch, p13 and then repeat the increase and the p13 for 3 more times (4 times total).